Monday, September 7, 2009

Too convenient

Our arrival in Christchurch is late at night and rather than attempt a bleary-eyed signing of car rental papers we are taking a taxi to our hotel and then heading out in the morning to pick up the car. I had also had thoughts of popping in to at least one of the coffee roasteries that I wanted to visit on the way to or from the car pickup.

By some stroke of happy fate one of those - C4 is just a few metres from the car rental HQ!

I am sure both the coffee roastery and the car rental agency will excel themselves in service and quality, however the rather devious thought has crossed my mind to call the car company to ask about the coffee and call the coffee company to ask about the car rental mob.

I think that Mrs Grendel and the two Junior Grendels will be recovering in the hotel when I head out for the car, so at least if I get lost they won't share the frustrations - still one way or the other I should be able to get a car and a coffee with less than 100 metres to stroll!

And if that wasn't enough it is only 200 metres from the OTHER cafe/roastery on my list to visit - the amazing Coffee Supreme! I understand they have been renovating a place on Madras street and with any luck it will be open and operating when I whizz through downtown Christchurch.



    Sometimes smells a bit burnt ...

  2. tastes pretty good to me - but I will drink instant, so you may not want to rely on my judgement.
    IMO, the best coffee is at the student dining hall at Massey :-)


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