Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tech support

Just about any trip these days seems to require a certain level of technology to accompany the expedition – this can include such items as a GPS, mobile phone, iPods (assorted!) laptop (for blogging) and hand-held game devices. If only it all came in one neat package – iPhone you say? True, but damn Telstra and their unreasonable plans – I don’t yet possess an iPhone, nor have I drunk sufficient quantities of the Apple Cool-Aid to progress to buying an unlocked phone from Apple or Ebay.

So off we go loaded with assorted devices and their respective chargers. The one indispensible item for me are my Etymotic ER6i ‘canalphones’ – earphones that sit in your ear canal blocking out a broad range of unpleasant noises – particularly on an aircraft. Not good at all for walking with (as you will never hear the careening car they later scrape you off) they are perfect for a blissful flight. I also have purchased a set of noise cancelling headphones for Junior Grendel Number One to ease his sensitivity to intense sounds and these are real gems – not the best on the market but the best bang-for-buck ration of anything on the market at the moment.

These are the Philips HN110 Active Noise Cancelling headphones – very comfortable and already sold with the proper adaptor for aircraft. I trialled them recently and loved them and I think he will find that these make flights feel much shorter. Fortunately they will also plug right into his Nintendo – so long as we manage to remember to keep it charged (I think we are up to 5 chargers now. . .).

I need a tech Sherpa!

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