Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lone Pine

I grew up on a hill above the Brisbane River - right across the river from a Koala sanctuary called Lone Pine.

I went there often as a child and even braved the muddy tidal flow of the Brisbane River to paddle over to the Jetty from our side of the River to Lone Pine to ride the wake of the tourist ferry as it arrived and departed.

We took the more sedate route today of the drive down Fig Tree Pocket Road and the Junior Grendels and Mrs Grendel got to experience the same thing that I did as a child - and it has barely changed at all.

We fed kangaroos, cuddled Koalas and captured crocodiles.

Junior Grendel Number Two declared it "the best day of his life". Junior Grendel Number One claimed total awesomeness for Lone Pine.

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