Friday, September 4, 2009

Holiday Planning Tools

Trying to keep track of all the details for this holiday is quite a task - I've never planned a holiday before - we've never BEEN on holiday before as a family - at least not a holiday that was anything more than loading up the car with weekend-away junk and heading down the road.

This holiday required a lot more thought - passports! Airlines! Hotels!

I found a few helpful templates online but ended up taking the best elements of each and creating my own.

It may or may not be useful to others but I thought I might as well make it available to anyone who wants it - if you have not yet discovered the joy of Google Docs, now is the time! But if you prefer to use Excel or another spreadsheet program then this file can be downloaded in several formats.

So here it is - the Cafe Grendel Family Travel Itinerary Template - feel free to use and alter it as you require. (The link takes you to the Google Docs file).

And it looks like this (click to enlarge):

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