Thursday, September 24, 2009

Quick catch-up

We've been anable to get near the internet for a few days - most often because we were just too exhausted to try staying up.

I'll post a few quick pics though - mostly of Queenstown - we'll try catch up on some cafes later in the week but there have been some great stops along the way and it is rare to see the same coffee roaster supplying more than one or two cafes in a town and I have not seen a large bulk roasted presence much at all.

And now for the snow Grendels!

(Click on images to enlarge!)

We've just done the Fox Glacer, Punakaiki and are passing through Murchison on our way to Blenheim before catching the first ferry tomorrow morning across to the North Island. It is blowing a gale today and I hope it quiets before the crossing tomorrow!


  1. Thatand hear some news. looked like fun. Alec didn't look cold, in fact all of you didn't look like you were freezing. Glad to have the pictures

  2. I'm thinking that maybe you need to give Alli a full anaesthesia for the ferry crossing ...

  3. That looked like fun and it was great to hear some news. My computer scrambled again.

  4. You all look like you are having a great time. The toboganning looks like really good fun. Very jealous. Enjoy yourselves you lucky things.


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