Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Big One

By the frantic note in the voice of the morning TV show host you'd have thought that the entire nation was about to be inundated by a Tsunami today. It was sad to see that television host in NZ are just as appallingly rude and stupid as they are in Australia. One host all but accused a spokesman for local Civil Defense of incompetence simply because he refused to speculate based on rumours alone.

There was no giant wave that hit us here - only the islands of Western Samoa and American Samoa and it looks terrible for them.

We arrived safely in Auckland today and still have a vast backlog of tales, reviews and adventures to write up - I think most of these will be done once we get back to Australia as the internet facilities have been patchy in supporting image uploads and edits.

The last few days have been spent touring Taupo and Rotorua and we managed to visit a Maori village (a real one, not a tourist-built village), enjoyed watching a hangi cooked in the boiling water of the thermal pools and then rode luge downhill near our motel. Junior Grendel Number One surprised us once again by riding not only the luge but the chairlift. He took his own luge down after an initial tandem ride with me and fell off three times and got up laughing each time.

Scared ten years off me!

Or added ten - not sure yet.

Here are a few choice moments from the last few days - and as always, click to enlarge!

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