Sunday, September 13, 2009

On our way

We took the Red-Eye to Brisbane last night and Junior Grendels Number One and Number Two had a great flight enjoying the novelty of air travel. Meals were served, drinks drunk, and chocolates offered and consumed. They then dropped off to sleep leaving Mrs Grendel and I to ride out the flight in a half-dazed state.

I have to compliment Qantas on their flight - it was great, good service, friendly staff and only a half-full plane even though they had downsized to a 737 from a 767.

I know that Qantas would have preferred a higher passenger ratio but from a traveller's perspective the extra space is most welcome.

We have two days here before heading over to Christchurch - this time it will be Virgin's Pacific Blue that gets the Junior Grendel inspection team and we hope they'll live up to the standards expected!

The value of the GPS was settled - Brisbane's roads have changed a lot since I was here last and it was great hitting the POI labelled 'Grandma's House' and just following the directions.

We caught up with the vast and growing Grendel Clan from the East and celebrated Junior Grendel Number Two's birthday. He had arranged this himself with a six-year-olds aplomb by telling grandma that his birthday party was at her house this year.

He got a Nintendo DS - as much for our sanity as for his enjoyment.

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