Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Introducing the blog authors. . .

Both of the Junior Grendels are keen photographers and will be taking photos along the way – we’ll be adding their efforts to the blog and even have them write an entry or two each week – they own the little green laptop we are taking along with us so I suspect I shall have to negotiate for time to blog. Both Mrs Grendel and Junior Grendel Number Two have birthdays while we are away so that will be an added incentive for stories and photos from both the boys.

They are going to be missing some school, but we felt that the experience was worth it – and adding to the daily blog of the trip will be good for them as well. The XO laptop (One Laptop Per Child) is designed as a field learning tool and so we’ll have the boys add things like measurement and descriptions of critters and recordings of sounds directly into the laptop for when they go back to school.

The date of departure is now looming large over us. . .

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