Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You left it where?

With a fraction over a month to go I figured that it was probably a good time to start making up our checklists. This is one exercise where it is very possible to go overboard. First there is the checklist of everything we need, then everything we want to take, then a list of places to see, a day-pack list. . .

In reality we just need to remember the essentials to take with us (and keep with us). These are the tickets, passports etc, and the Junior Grendel’s personal comfort items such as Spotty Dog (JG No. 1), Zebbie (JG No. 2) and their fuzzy blankets from which they still cannot be parted.

There are innumerable small items that we will need to account for each day and I am going to make that part of their daily chores to ensure that we don’t have an extra few hundred kilometres to retrieve a lonely Zebra from under a hotel bed.

For that matter – I have just had an idea, a small card to leave in each room thanking the hosts for their care and leaving contact details in case any such event occurs. . .

Hmmm another thing to remember to do!

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