Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Say Cheese

A camera is pretty much an essential for us on holidays. Mrs Grendel is a scrapbooker and once she sets to scrapping a LOT of photos are required to feed her hobby.

Digital cameras are the ultimate device to support such a habit and we have access to an SLR as well as a borrowed compact camera for this trip. There is also the video camera to consider and I've gotten to the point where I think that three cameras is just ridiculous. Naturally each uses a different power supply and different storage medium (can't these guys just standardise already?).

At the moment the camera that uses SD cards is winning since we have more of those in a greater array of capacities - between 2 and 12gb.

I love the SLR but seriouly have to reconsider lugging it along on what is likely going to be an already overloaded trip.

My other consideration is that I want to blog both the holiday and New Zealand Coffee as we travel around which means I need to get the images off the camera and onto the internet.

I think I'll be taking the little green machine for that purpose - the XO laptop I bought under the One Laptop Per Child - Give One Get One program. It is light rugged and unique and I've been dying for an excuse to take it on tour.

It is Linux based so I am still learning the ins and outs of shifting images onto and off the laptop but should have it all up and running by the time we leave.

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