Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Great Tradition

Over the year that ended on 31 July there were over 1 million Australian visitors to New Zealand representing over 35% of the holiday trade and over 60% of the total overseas business trade with New Zealand.

This is a good thing - New Zealand is and should be a close friend to Australia and one should always visit ones friends.

There has been at times an unhealthy level of rivalry that has crept in - usually around sporting events of the origin of racehorses or movie stars but we continue to have largely good feelings about our neighbours across the Tasman - as indicated by the 20% increase in visitor numbers last month.

These visitors are part of a grand tradition of cross-Tasman tourism whereby we visit them and they visit us.

Even better is the fact that an economic slowdown sees aussies visiting New Zealand in ever greater numbers as their welcome extends not only to the smiles but also to the exchange rates.

New Zealand's economy includes tourism as a major contributor and thus they have excellent tourism statistics that can be followed via their main tourism website - well worth a look if statistics are your 'thing'.

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