Friday, August 7, 2009

Travellin' with tunes

The iPod is Apple's greatest gift to the world of travel - I am sure that iPhone users would claim otherwise but since I live in Australia and can't afford the usurious rates that our local telcos charge for data access I stick by my claim that for music on the move iPod has to wrapped up.
Keep in mind that I am very much a function over form guy but when the two happen to come together I can't go past it. For the last few years I have owned only the Shuffle, and that has been just fine - all I wanted was the music in my ears to block out the world when I was on the train.

I have to say though that the siren call of the green Nano has been calling to me for some time. My personal rule has also been to buy refurbished - I like the discount price for what is essentially a new iPod.

As of this week I have the 16GB nano - oh boy.

I love this one - I will be able to load almost every CD I own and have room left for some photos, audiobooks and even one or two games.

The audiobooks are important - I signed up to Audible a few months back and have been using my one credit a month to buy books to listen to on the drive into work. However they also have some material for free such as podcasts and even some classic children's stories.

You can guess where this is going - our trip to New Zealand will involve some long stretches of driving and some short audiobooks will be just right to break up the trip a little for them. iPod, FM transmitter, car radio = instant child entertainment and all in less than 200g.

I've loaded the iPod with a good selection of music, plenty of 'dad' stories (lots of space battles) and some for the Junior Grendels.

As a concession to Mrs Grendel I've even included a whole playlist of her music - and I suspect it will be the most often used as she really does not like mine at all whereas I can mostly tolerate hers.

Now if only Apple could design an iPos that plays two different playlists simultaneously into opposite sides of a car. . .

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