Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Highlights - Supreme HQ

While in Christchurch we had just enough time for a flying visit to the local Headquarters of Coffee Supreme on Madras Street.

This funky roastery/espresso bar is the South Island starting point for Coffee Supreme. Of all the roasters whose coffee we tried it was Coffee Supreme who seemed to have the best distribution network and consistency in quality among the cafes that served there coffee. That is not to say that other roasters are not also outstanding, but the representation of their coffee was a bit more patchy than for Coffee Supreme.

Supreme HQ is like a Norse version of Seattle Grunge - enough wood paneling along the back dividing wall between the roastery and the bar to please any sauna lover but bare walls elsewhere with low-watt naked incandescent bulbs providing spartan lighting above the old, but well maintained La San Marco espresso machine.

The coffee was great - a really rich ristretto that bridged the gap between the bright acids and savoury gravy of whatever blend (I'm embarrassed to confess that I did not ask what was in the hopper) they were using that morning.

We got two take away flat whites for the start of our drive to Lake Tekapo and these were rich and sweet, an early taste of New Zealand milk that would happily dominate any milk based espresso drink if you allowed it to. In this case the coffee artfully sang through the milk and it was an enjoyable start to the morning drive.

Who: Coffee Supreme HQ Christchurch
What: Great coffee
Where: 218a Madras St, Christchurch CBD, New Zealand
Contact: 64 3 3790698
When: 17 September 2009
Accessibility: Adequate for entry to purchase a take away
Web: Coffee Supreme

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