Sunday, October 4, 2009


Mitchelli's was one of the cafes we managed to visit in Christchurch. I don't know why it is that all Christchurch cafe's seem so stylish and this one was one certainly had style character and great coffee. There is a much more independent mind set in cafes over in New Zealand and the unique characteristics of each make comparisons between them very difficult - much better to enjoy each cafe for what it is.

Mitchelli's was originally a rough warehouse or garage that has refitted by the Mitchell family for the purpose of opening a deli and cafe. It serves coffee by Wellington's Cafe L'Affare and they serve it superbly. The ristretto was tight and full bodied and the flat white creamy, rich and delicious.

Who: Mitchellis
What: Great coffee and gelati
Where: Ash Street Christchurch CBD (just off Poplar Lane)
Contact: 64 3 3774574
When: 16 September 2009
Accessibility: Good
Web: Mitchelli's

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