Thursday, October 8, 2009

Accommodation - Holiday Inn on Avon, Christchurch

The Holiday Inn on Avon in Christchurch is an oddly pleasant place to stay. Odd because the layout of the hallways and rooms is rather like a cubist-inspired rabbit warren, but comfortable and right on a picturesque bend of the Avon River just 15 minutes walk from the CBD.

It is not likely to be the kind of hotel to attract the high end of business travel but as a restful stopping point who accommodate families it is warm and pleasant and well fitted with amenities.

It is also well located if you like a stroll and the massive willow immediately opposite just begs to be sat under while reading - or playing your Nintendo DS.

I couldn't fault the service, or the room and would recommend it.

Who: Holiday Inn-on-Avon, Christchurch
What: Good accommodation with a heated pool and gym
Where: 356 Oxford Terrace Christchurch 8011, Canterbury, New Zealand
Contact: 64 3 379 1180
When: 15-17 September 2009
Accessibility: Good
Web: Holiday Inn on Avon

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