Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Plan

With the Global Economic Crisis in full swing, and new reports full of pandemic and woe, it was time to finally go on holiday.

What better time is there to stimulate an economy than when things seem at their worst, and what better place to visit and share our stimulus package than with our neighbours across the Tasman.

This is a logistical exercise of considerable proportions with children, and when you have a child with autism there are additional considerations.

However, Junior Grendel Number One is, in fact, very keen on the idea of souvenirs and travel on an airplane.

He's also fond of hotels (the kind with indoor pools and room service).

While our budget is unlikely to survive a full holiday in trans-tasman hotels, I thought we might be able to manage a night or two in something upmarket once or twice on our trip.

And thus was born The Plan.

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